How to Use Event Content Marketing Effectively

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How to Use Event Content Marketing Effectively

At first glance, event content marketing can seem to be an overwhelming beast, just another task to add to your ever-growing list. With a clear plan and execution, content marketing can drive vendors and visitors to your events, increase online traffic to the company website and social media, and build brand recognition.

As you’re building event pre-show, at-show, and post-show marketing campaigns, utilize these topics, event highlights, and areas of interest into your editorial calendar for content creation.

  • Design an event-only landing page
  • Create a social media buzz pre-event
  • Utilize print marketing campaigns
  • Add a sticker with event name and booth number to outgoing client mail
  • Add event information to your email signature block
  • Place a banner on your website linking to the landing page
  • Blog about the event on your blog and guest post on colleague’s blogs
  • Offer FREE passes to VIP customers
  • Offer Early Bird Registration discounts
  • Send press releases about the event to local and free online media
  • Share event information in your monthly newsletter
  • Create – and use – an event-only hashtag for your event

Get creative with how you share events with your customers and prospects. A dentist colleague has his contact information on packs of gum – Keep your breath fresh with the doctor. Our friend whose last name is Gumm saw it and wants her contact information on packs of gum! Add event information to your creative marketing and you’ve got even more exposure!

Build a Social Media Following

Before you can share content about your event on social media, you must develop a community of followers who understand and are excited to share news and information from and about your business. Otherwise, you’re sharing content with a silent abyss. The most popular social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

A social media community includes:

  • Thought leaders
  • Industry leaders
  • Leaders from your business
  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • People interested in hearing what you have to say as an expert in your industry.

Social media is used as a marketing tool to link people to your brand and…

  • Build a community
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Share thought leadership
  • Create and nurture relationships
  • Collaborate with others.

Once you have established a social media following, you can begin to specialize what you post and for what purpose. In other words, you can engage your following to build interest in your events.

Create an Event-Only Hashtag

In June EXHIB-IT! hosted a B2B networking event in Albuquerque that not only connected local business, but also benefited local charities. Using the hashtag #B2BExpoNM, we were able to connect with industry leaders, vendors, attendees, and our social media following with time-sensitive, special event information.

  • Use the hashtag across social media platforms. Encourage your online community to contact you via the hashtag where your team can easily follow the conversation and answer questions in a timely manner.
  • Track the hashtag across social media platforms using one of these 5 Hashtag Tracking Tools.
  • Utilize the hashtag to track post-event feedback.
  • Send a post-event survey to vendors and attendees to find out what they liked, disliked, and request for future events.

Repurpose Content

Content comes in many forms. Blog posts, newsletter articles, social media, tips and how tos related to your business are all forms of content. Get the most from content you’re creating by sharing one idea in multiple ways across multiple platforms.

  • Write event-related blog posts.
  • Share blog posts on social media.
  • Share blog posts in emails.
  • Send a press release to local and free websites to not only gain local attention but also the benefit of SEO.
  • Add press release to your company blog or news section.
  • Share the press release on social media.
  • Create videos about the event.
  • Share videos on the blog.
  • Share videos on social media.

Take another idea or marketing campaign and do the same. Rest assured no one is going to read every post on every platform so repurpose content as much as you can. You will save yourself time and resources and gain maximum benefit for your efforts in the form of more vendors and event attendees, increased online traffic to the company website, increased social media engagement, and brand recognition.

At EXHIB-IT! we understand the value of tradeshow marketing and how a well-planned campaign can lead to success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you design a tradeshow booth that will WOW visitors at your next event.

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