Green Marketing Campaigns that Get Your Brand Noticed

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Get Your Brand Noticed: Consider the impact of a green marketing campaign.

As you’re planning your marketing strategies for next year, consider the impact of a green marketing campaign. Keeping in line with the values of your company, you can create a campaign that will increase brand awareness while also bringing attention to important environmental issues.

Keys to a Successful Green Marketing Campaign

  1. Be consistent. As you’re brainstorming ideas, keep in mind whether or not the campaign is consistent with your company’s mission, vision, and values. You don’t want to confuse your target audience with something that is vastly different from what they know. A sneaker company, for example, may start a line of shoes with rubber soles made from recycled materials rather than a reusable bag giveaway, for example. While the bag idea is a great idea, they are known as a shoe company so it’s better to stick with shoes, at least initially.
  2. Be genuine – Sounds simple but we’ve all heard the worst case scenarios of campaigns or charities that were fabricated for someone’s personal gain. Don’t be one of those green marketing (or other) campaigns. Do what you say you’re going to do. It’s that simple.
  3. Involve Your Community – Word of mouth advertising is still one of the most effective forms of advertising. Whether online or in-person, or both, you must include your community in the campaign. They will be your biggest supporters and will help spread the word of a worthy cause.
  4. Educate People – A green marketing campaign is about more than creating space in the marketplace for your brand. It’s also about educating your community about the impact of ecofriendly efforts – how their effort or a small change makes a difference in the community and in the world.
  5. Be cost conscious – Let’s face it. Eco-friendly is hipper than it once was but is still (at times) more expensive than a less green option. Organic produce still costs more than non-organic, for example. A successful green marketing campaign costs your business AND your customer as little as possible.

These are all great ideas in theory, but are companies implementing – and succeeding – with green marketing campaigns? YES! And they’re doing it in some creative ways including partnering with other companies and using the power of social media to get out their message of sustainability.

Top Green Marketing Campaigns

  1. Tide Coldwater Challenge – In 2005 Tide announced its Coldwater Clean product that “cuts through the cold,” getting your clothes as clean in cold water as in warm water. The benefit? A savings on your energy bills. The added benefit? You could use this product in your high efficiency (He), low water use washing machine. In addition to national commercials, they provided in-store programs, product samples, and a strong online presence. In 2014 Tide took to social media with the #TurnToCold
  2. Just Say No to Jugs – If you shop at Target you’ve seen the Method brand of cleaning products. To raise brand awareness, in 2010 Method ran a cheeky campaign against standard jug-sized cleaning products asking consumers to break the “jug” habit. Using print and online ads, they touted their use of concentrated, plant-based products made from renewable ingredients. The benefit? Decreasing the average laundry detergent lifecycle carbon footprint by 35%.
  3. Toyota Prius Harmony – Launched in 2009, this third generation Prius marketing campaign balances the wants of consumers with the needs of the environment. The benefit: Less guilt about wanting more power and space in your vehicle because your car is an ecofriendly hybrid.
  4. Bionic Yarn – He might be the Happy singer who wears a big hat, but to green consumers Pharrell Williams the owner of textile company Bionic Yarn. What sets Bionic Yarn apart are their products made from ocean waste. While recycling isn’t a new concept, Pharrell brings his name to the table; Bionic Yarn is now partnered with companies like Addidas to bring ecofriendly products to the consumer market. The benefit: Less ocean waste, more awareness about the ocean and recycling, and a project that makes us happy.
  5. A Better Bag – Back in 2009 Whole Foods began A Better Bag campaign with its reusable grocery bags made from plastic bottles. We think this is a great idea for your next event – Provide marketing materials about your company in a bag made from recycled or reused materials! The benefit? Increased brand awareness and your company’s commitment to less consumer waste at trade shows and other events.

At EXHIB-IT! we are always looking for creative ways to help you get your brand noticed at trade shows, events, and expos. Contact us today to learn how we can help you design a trade show booth for your next green marketing campaign.

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