Using Social Media for Events

76% of event marketers are using social media for events.

76% of event marketers are using social media for events.

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or are new to the scene, it’s an important part of your marketing strategy. From setting up corporate accounts to creating interest before the event to real-time social media on event day to post-event feedback, you’ve got to have a plan.

Social Media Examiner has a great article – 16 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event, that goes into great detail about each social media platform, providing best practices. Here are just a few of the ways to use social media for events from EXHIB-IT!:

  1. Create corporate accounts. No matter how small your business, you must create an online presence for your brand. Rather than being you, create accounts for your business. Post and build a following as your business. It’s too difficult to convert followers from personal to business accounts once your brand is bigger.
  2. Be selective. As you’re planning your trade show strategy, be selective in the products that you’re highlighting at the show and on social media during the event. You don’t have enough time to put everything in the spotlight so pick the best of the best and market those.
  3. Hashtag it. Use the hashtag for the trade show in your social media posts. Tweet and retweet using the Twitter handle (username) for the event. Use Hootsuite, or other similar platforms, to track where you and the event are being mentioned.
  4. Be Social. Along the same lines as using hashtags, be social and talk to the other people using your hashtag and event name. Some of the best business relationships have started with a simple tweet or share.
  5. Picture this. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that we need to add something about using Pinterest and/or Instagram as part of your social media strategy. Ask attendees to share their event photos on these visual platforms so others can see how much fun or how informative your event was.

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How To: Simple Guide to Trade Show Exhibits

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Simple Guide to Trade Show Exhibits

Designing a trade show exhibit to meet the unique needs of your business takes time and planning. You need to understand your target audience, who you want to attract to your booth as well as what type of events you will be attending.

Consider the following as you’re creating your trade show exhibit:

  1. Who is your target audience? Often companies create a marketing plan without taking into consideration who their target clients are. They are solely focused on getting their product or service to the marketplace. You have to know who you want to visit your booth so you can create a booth that attracts them.
  2. What is your trade show goal? You may be introducing a new product or collecting a list of prospects interested in your service. You may be providing information to a community or building brand awareness. Depending on your goal, your trade show exhibit design may be different.
  3. At which trade shows are you an exhibitor? Now that you have defined your target audience and goal, it’s time to select trade shows that help you meet the right people.
  4. What kind of trade show exhibit giveaway do you want? That depends on who your target audience is. For example, if the target audience is business travelers, you would provide luggage tags, tips for packing light and gift cards to nationally known restaurants or coffee shops. A bad giveaway for business travelers would be gift cards to local or regional businesses.
  5. Who is staffing your trade show booth? No matter who your target audience or industry, you want booth staffers who are engaged and engaging. Don’t bring the shyest person at the office and expect them to meet and greet attendees; it’s likely not to happen. Bring the high energy extroverts to staff the booth.

Whether you’re a seasoned trade show exhibitor or are creating your first trade show exhibit, it’s important to plan what you need to meet your goals. The team at EXHIB-IT! can help you through that process. Contact EXHIB-IT! today to learn more.

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5 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Your Next Show

The first trade show can be the most nerve-wracking. Relax, learn and plan before you even hit the trade show floor with these trade show booth ideas in our Design Idea Gallery:

  1. Forget the table. It blocks you from meeting attendees. They are more likely to pass you by for the competition. Rather than standing behind a table, assign a booth greeter to stand to the side or in front welcoming visitors with a smile. Remember, it is all about the face-to-face relationship.
  2. It’s a Game. Gather leads when you ask attendees to drop a business card in a fishbowl or capture leads electronically when they sign up on an iPad App for a chance to win a prize. You could also have a wheel to spin to engage attendees for prizes. Make the prizes relevant to your brand, audience and trade show.
  3. Clutter Free. Don’t clog your booth with too much information. It’s overwhelming for visitors. Be sure your logo is prominent in the trade show display and focus on one product or service.
  4. Know the Neighborhood. Prior to arrival, you will receive information about where your booth is located, as well as where other vendors are located and whether or not you’re in a high traffic area. Make adjustments to the trade show booth design and marketing strategy before you arrive so you’re not scrambling to make changes as attendees are coming through the trade show doors.
  5. Social Media: Build buzz for your business and the event when you promote the trade show on social media. Use the event hashtag and create engaging conversation with vendors and attendees before you even arrive.

It takes a bit of planning for any trade show. Think about whom you want to meet and how you can attract them to visit your booth. When you arrive, get to know the vendors around you, smile a lot and have a great time!

If you are a constant learner, be sure to check out our Free Tradeshow Training Webinars Videos from my book The NOISE Behind Business – How to Make Tradeshows Work!

5 Quick Tips for Using Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays allow you to exhibit in most weather climates and brings new opportunities for events where you can display your brand using outdoor displays. Whether you’re putting an a-frame on the sidewalk outside your storefront or participating in outdoor expos, EXHIB-IT! has outdoor display options to meet your needs.

5 Tips for Using Outdoor Displays

Outdoor Marketing Displays

  1. Be Seen: While it’s refreshing to move outside for events, it’s important to have a display that allows your business to be seen. This is likely a modified version of what you might use at an indoor trade show. Consider an outdoor event tent as a simpler alternative to a complete trade show display.
  2. Use Outdoor Displays: Sounds simple but many people are using indoor displays that aren’t designed to be in the sunshine or weighted to withstand windy conditions. They also feature larger print, making your brand more noticeable.
  3. Brick and Mortar: Get your storefront noticed by passersby with A-frame or sidewalk signs that can be used outside your storefront or inside at a bigger event.
  4. Weather: Unless you’ve purchased a weather resistant sign, we recommend bringing it inside on extreme weather days. You can save yourself the money of having to replace a sign later.
  5. Giveaways: Event attendees might not be as enthusiastic about receiving a pen and paper at an outdoor expo as they would be about misting fans or sunscreen, especially as spring turns to summer. Include your logo and contact information on the items so they remember who gave the weather-appropriate gift.

Focusing on what is important will help your brand stand out from the crowd at your next trade show. One of the best ways to do this is by having displays, marketing materials, and giveaways. For more information about how EXHIB-IT! helps your business become more eco-friendly, please contact our team today!

6 Reasons to Consider Eco-Friendly Displays for Your Next Trade Show Display Investment

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Eco Friendly Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

In today’s world, everyone seems to be focused on the economy, often forgetting about the environment. At EXHIB-IT!, we understand that we have to be green while we’re making the green, and so do you. We believe in doing our part to help you decrease your carbon footprint and are pleased to offer you eco-friendly displays for your trade show needs.

Everyone is raising costs on everyday items. From airlines charging for baggage to a gallon of milk, we’re paying more for goods and services. If you’re already paying for portable trade show displays, consider eco-friendly displays for your next trade show purchase and here are some reasons why:

  1. Reduce the paper used for marketing materials when you opt for eco workstations. Not only is it an environmentally friendly option, it saves shipping costs and attracts visitors to your booth. Provide an iPad to show attendees your product, a social media check-in station, or an on-site ordering area right from the trade show floor.
  2. Replace giveaways with green eco swag that won’t get tossed in the trash. Rather than a calendar that will get tossed away, give attendees eco-friendly water bottles and bamboo cooking utensils with your company logo. Provide swag bags made of recycled materials rather than a synthetic material.
  3. Provide an app or other e-media explaining your product or service. This replaces paper handouts, saving the cost of paper and shipping while also doing your part to save a tree or two.
  4. Make “eco-friendly” part of your business brand. If you must have printed marketing, use eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper and soy-based ink.
  5. Eco-friendly displays offer the same quality and functionality as their counterparts. Our Green Pop Up Displays, for example, are made of 100% recycled materials with an option to have a shipping case that is also made of 100% recycled materials.
  6. Experience the versatility of the Green Modular Display. Similar to its traditional counterpart, this eco-friendly display offers different modular display systems so you can be sure your display fits your trade show booth, no matter the size of the trade show space.

Focusing on what is important will help your brand stand out from the crowd at your next trade show. One of the best ways to do this is by having eco-friendly displays, marketing materials, and giveaways. For more information about how EXHIB-IT! helps your business become more eco-friendly, please contact our team today!

5 Amazing Tips for Controlling Trade Show Display Costs

Controlling trade show display costs is an important factor when considering being a vendor at trade shows. Understanding your target audience and budget are key to creating a display to showcase your brand and attract the customers you desire.

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5 Amazing tips for controlling trade show display costs.

Here are 5 tips for controlling trade show display costs:

  1. Define Your Target Audience: Before you can begin to plan trade show displays, you need to define your target market. You want to be attending trade shows where your target market is and create a display that will attract this audience. If your target is Business to Business (B2B) techies and your display is filled with print marketing for Business to Consumer (B2C), you’re not going to get the results you desire.
  2. Plan Ahead: As with any business decision, planning ahead is going to save you money. Working with a design team such as the experts at EXHIB-IT!, you can design and build a trade show display that helps attract the clients you desire at a cost you can afford. If you’re working on a tight deadline without a plan, it’s going to cost you more.
  3. Consider the Options: Lightweight portable trade show displays are a great option if you’re new to trade shows, attend less than five shows per year, attend smaller events, or are seeking cost effective ways to brand your business. They are easy to set-up, pack, move and ship.
  4. Upgrade the Current Display: Rather than building a new trade show display, consider making changes to the current one. Adding lighting or a mobile display, for example, can highlight your business and attract new visitors to your booth.
  5. Used or New Display Options: In our blog post Should You Rent or Buy a Used Trade Show Display, we look at ways to save money while giving your display a new look and feel. The cost of purchasing a used display is 50-80% less than a new display, making it more affordable for many businesses.

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How to Use High-tech Trade Show Displays

red trade show exhibit
Make your next trade show about more than generating leads. Create an interactive experience for attendees while increasing brand visibility when you have a high-tech trade show display. Today’s technology has allowed us to bring trade show displays to life, making it easier than ever to educate attendees about your brand.

trade show exhibit

It’s challenging to make your technology company stand out in a sea of other tech-based companies. At EXHIB-IT!, we help our technology clients answer the question of how to distinguish their trade show display from the competition.

  • Keep the display simple in design and message.
  • Plan ahead, designing or re-designing the trade show displays.
  • Provide interactive media, showing attendees how you can help them.

High-tech Trade show displays can be created or integrated into existing design.

nfl trade show exhibit

Make your booth exciting and a must-see at your next event. Search our Idea Gallery and add an iPad kiosk to your trade show booth so attendees can interact with your product or check-in on social media sites such Facebook. Have attendees send a tweet using your company name and a hashtag that you’ve designated for the event. Once they send the tweet, give them a promotional item.

iPad kiosk exhibit, trade show marketing

iPad kiosk exhibit

Have a clear message.

You never want your trade show display to leave people wondering what your company does or how you can help them. Keep the message of the booth clear. Consider providing information about a limited number of products while making sure the people at your booth are well-educated about all aspects of the business.

purple trade show exhibit

Combine motion and still images for the greatest impact.

Remember that motion captures the eye faster than stand-alone graphics. Utilize display monitors to tell your story. Whether it’s a promotional video about a product or service or a fun video from your team back at the corporate office, it’s a great way to attract people to your booth.

Combine in-motion video with additional monitors displaying the company logo to increase brand visibility. Attendees who recognize your brand will be more likely to stop and visit if they can easily see who and where you are.

Be flexible.

There are times when you need the flexibility of a display that can be moved around your event space. Mobile kiosks are a great option for events or locations such as museums and schools.

light blue trade show exhibit

Engaging trade show attendees is increasingly challenging. Displaying a clear message, incorporating interactive media, and a variety of images will help your brand stand out among the competition. For more information about these and other EXHIB-IT! products, contact our team today!