9 Ways Being an Event Speaker Can Grow Your Business

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How Being an Event Speaker Can Grow Your Business

Have you ever been to an event and the speaker was terrible? They umm-ed and ahh-ed their way through a presentation. At the end you scratched your head wondering how they got selected as a speaker. More than likely they are an expert on their topic but were never trained to be an event speaker.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Let’s face it, most people’s worst fear is public speaking. If you can establish yourself as an event speaker, you’re well ahead of the pack. You can also grow your business from the exposure your business gains from your speaking engagements.

Where to Begin

When you’re first getting started, consider getting a speech coach or joining Toastmasters to learn not only how to speak in front of a crowd, but how to prepare an effective presentation. Don’t bore your audience with detailed charts, graphs, and presentation notes. Tell them a story they can relate to in their own life and business.

Here are ways being an event speaker can grow your business:

  1. Start Small – Most business owners will tell you the toughest business to market is their own. As you begin your career as an event speaking, it is important to understand you’re on a learning curve. Take your time and start with smaller events, perhaps a five or ten minute presentation at an association or networking event. You will get more comfortable not only talking about your business but also in preparing presentations the more you do them. Work out the kinks over a series of shorter presentations and grow into presenting in front of larger groups.
  2. Brand Recognition – We talk a lot about brand recognition and with good reason. Whether it’s your logo on a trade show display or the list of keynote speakers at an event – or both! – getting your brand out to the public will increase leads that your team can convert to sales.
  3. FREE Stuff – When you begin you speaking career, it’s more about practice than getting paid to speak. Focus on presentation preparation and delivery. You want to be known as a good speaker, not someone who wants to get sales for your business. Public speaking will help prospects know, like, and trust you. Once you’ve got their attention, you can begin to convert them after your presentation.
  4. How To Sessions – We all love free stuff. There’s nothing better than an industry leader like you getting up and sharing knowledge. The audience wants to know about your business. Choose a topic on which it is easy for you to speak such as how to do something. For example, how to organize an event or how to promote an event using social media.
  5. Have an Open House – Your clients would LOVE to see where the magic happens. Host an event at your office and let our customers and prospects see the behind-the-scenes of what you do. Get the team involved to show how each of them contributes to the big picture and helps customers. Offer a VIP special to attendees.
  6. Host an Event – Hosting your own event is an opportunity for you to showcase your own business while supporting the work of other businesses. Gather your power partners or fellow association members for a night of fun and games, fundraising, or celebration. Make it memorable and use it as a way to meet new people and build relationships with existing contacts. You might just meet your next big client!
  7. Improve the Message – You may think you have your brand messaging established. Unless it is a well-known brand, it is likely the message could be tweaked to reach the public more effectively. Speaking engagements will help you better understand how your business is viewed in the marketplace, shaping the brand message of the future.
  8. Vendor Opportunity – Often at exhibits and expos there is a special price on booth space for keynote speakers. It’s like you’re getting double exposure – or more – by being an event speaker AND having booth space. Take advantage of this opportunity! Bring team members to work at your booth so you can focus on the presentation.
  9. Competitive Advantage – Most businesses are looking for a larger market share than they have today. As a speaker, you will have the opportunity to present your expertise to many people at one time. Your non-speaking competitor has to grab the attention of attendees as they walk by their booth. Make it an amazing presentation and you’ve got a competitive advantage and the opportunity to convert leads into sales right from the trade show floor.

Being an event speaker affords you the opportunity to showcase yourself as a leader in your field. While it takes time and planning, it could be well worth it to the bottom line of your business.

Contact the EXHIB-IT! team to learn how we can help you design a trade show booth that gets you noticed at your next event.

EXHIB-IT! with B2B Expo Sponsors Announces Best Local Brand Award, with over $4,120 in prizes!

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The People’s Choice
Best Local Brand Award

best local brand, b2b expo, EXHIB-IT!, DJ Heckes, Marketing

The People’s Choice – Best Local Brand Award

Call for Entries
Through May 22, 2015

EXHIB-IT! along with B2B Expo Sponsors Announce Best Local Brand Award, with over $4,120 in prizes to be awarded to a local business and nonprofit. Entries only accepted through May 22, 2015.

EXHIB-IT! has partnered with Albuquerque Business First, Southwest Capital Bank, Streaming NM, the American Marketing Association, Albuquerque AlphaGraphics and Awards Etc. to add an exciting element and opportunity to the 8th Annual B2B Expo.  This year the B2B Expo will feature the first ever People’s Choice Best Local Brand Award.  There will be two first place winners in two different categories, one Commercial Company & one Nonprofit Organization.

Peoples Choice Awards, Best Local Brand, Brand, EXHIB-IT!, American Marketing Association, Award, B2B Expo, New Mexico

Sponsors of The People’s Choice Best Local Brand Award

“We wanted to recognize a local business and a local nonprofit who have a great brand and presence in New Mexico and who truly make an impact with their brand in our community.” – DJ Heckes, CEO of EXHIB-IT!

Submissions for the People’s Choice Best Local Brand Award will be accepted from only Local New Mexico Nonprofits and Commercial Organizations, through May 22, 2015.  The top three entries from each category will be selected by an unbiased judging team.  On May 28, 2015 the finalists will be placed on a Facebook page for Open Voting by the community.  Voting will happen through June 9th, with LIVE voting to take place during the B2B Expo (happening June 9, 2015 from 5:00-8:00PM).  Voting will close during the event at 6:30 PM and winners from both categories will be announced LIVE on stage, during the B2B Expo at 7:00 PM.

One 1st Place Nonprofit
Winner will receive:

Recognition and Award Acknowledgment on stage during the B2B Expo in front of media, press, and over 400 other local businesses – Including a Crystal Recognition Award from Awards Etc.

• One (1) Retractable Banner Stand (with design), courtesy of EXHIB-IT! – valued at over $500.00

• Two (2) Social Media Announcements from Albuquerque Business First & EXHIB-IT! – to an audience of over 12,746. – valued at over $500

• One (1) $250 Gift Certificate for printed materials from Albuquerque AlphaGraphics

• One (1) 30 Second Commercial, including preproduction, filming, editing, upload to YouTube, and file transfer to company, courtesy of Streaming NM. – valued at over $1,100

Over $2,350 in prizes!

One 1st Place Commercial
Winner will receive:

Recognition and Award Acknowledgment on stage during the B2B Expo in front of media, press, and over 400 other local businesses – Including a Crystal Recognition Award from Awards Etc.

• One (1) Retractable Banner Stand (with design), courtesy of EXHIB-IT! – valued at over $500.00

• Two (2) Social Media Announcements from Albuquerque Business First & EXHIB-IT! – to an audience of over 12,746. – valued at over $500

300×250 Cube Ad placement on 770 & KTBL website for 1 month, with link to website, and a 6’ Table Booth Space at a quarterly Net@5 Events – valued at over $770

Over $1,770 in prizes!

If you know a deserving and powerful local brand in our community, spread the word and encourage them to enter.  The online entry forms are up and running through May 22, 2015.  Simply follow the links below to enter.

Good Luck!

Online Entry Forms:

Nonprofit Organization – https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=vnQw9lsSjkj5jaQpewP7Qg

Commercial Company – https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=HcgQvwAxG6HuWXAzZGwGcg

Table Top Displays to WOW the Competition

Much like any trade show design decision, choosing the right table top displays can be an overwhelming task. You have only a few seconds to attract attendees to your booth. Before you hit the trade show floor or design a new display, take time to plan who you want to reach, where you can find them, and how to design a booth they will love. You want to impress your customers and prospects as much as you want to impress your competitors with your industry-leading trade show displays.

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X-Snap Table Top Displays

What can you do TODAY to create table top displays to WOW the competition?

In our blog post 10 Trade Show Preparation Tips, we discuss ways to attract visitors to your trade show booth including dressing to impress, assembling the right team, marketing the event, and connecting with clients and prospects. While these are all important aspects of trade show success, you must also design a display that attracts your clients and, most importantly, prospects.

Fabric Displays, table top, trade show, exhibiting, EXHIB-IT!

Fabric Table Top Displays

Set Trade Show Goals

Have you ever heard the phrase throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks? That’s exactly what happens when exhibit at a trade show and don’t set measurable goals for success. For each trade show, set goals that are aligned with your overall marketing plan and the goals of your business.

At EXHIB-it! our team is here to help you develop a clear vision and create table top displays to WOW the competition. We want YOU to be the best you can be at your next trade show using these tips:

Keep it Simple

Fabric Displays, table top, trade show, exhibiting, EXHIB-IT!

Table Top Displays

Have you ever walked by a trade show booth and wondered what the name of the company or product was? More than likely their trade show display was a sea of color and design without a clear message for the company. If you want to WOW the competition, design table top displays that are simple by including:

  • Clear brand recognition beginning with a logo that is big enough to be seen but not so big that it takes over the entire display.
  • Company name at the top of displays and print marketing. Not only do you want the logo to be prominent, the name of your business should also be prominent.
  • Basic colors that represent your company. Just because lime green is popular doesn’t mean you include it in your display, unless of course it is one of your company’s colors.
  • Website Address so people can easily find your company. (And on the website, be sure to include social media links so attendees can easily connect and become part of your online community.)

There’s no need to tell everything about the company at one event. Give visitors enough information about your company to make them interested. Limit the clutter of your trade show booth so they can focus on the brand and messaging. Consider focusing on a limited number of products or services relevant to the audience you are trying to reach.

Identify your Target Market

You have to know who you want to attract to your booth so you design a booth that attracts those people. You can create a kid-friendly booth but if you’re really looking for leads that are business professionals, this approach is probably a trade show fail. Think about who you want to be your customers so you can design a booth they will love.

The Biggest Trade Show Mistake

Not making the most of your trade show return on investment (ROI) is the biggest mistake that we see. Often companies are exhibiting at a number of trade shows without a clear plan. They are spending money on events that their target clients aren’t attending, wondering why they aren’t generating the leads they want for their business.

Rather than attending many trade shows, focus your efforts by identifying trade shows where you can meet your target clients. Research industry specific trade shows where you are most likely to find your prospects.

Know Your Options

As you’ve identified your target market and specific trade shows where you will exhibit your business, think about the type of table top display you want to represent your brand. These displays make a big impression in a small amount of booth space.

  • Quick and affordable option
  • Lightweight and easy to ship
  • Choose a fabric or graphic mural or both
  • Add a splash of color to your display
  • Most table top displays fit into their own travel cases

The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you design a display to WOW the competition, get your brand recognition, and attract your target clients. Contact us today for more information about these and all the trade show products we offer.

Networking Tips to Attract Your Target Customers

A colleague asked us what marketing is to a business. We responded that marketing is everything! From your trade show display to the signage outside your business, to what you wear and how you network at events. Yes, networking is part of the marketing of your business. If you’re not teaching your team how to build a referral network effectively, you could be missing out on opportunities to attract your target customer.

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Networking Tips to Attract Your Target Customers

  • Define your target customer. Everyone isn’t your target customer.
  • Dress to impress. Find out the suggested attire for each event you attend. There’s nothing worse than over or under dressing for an event.
  • Prepare in advance so you’re not stumbling over your words when speaking to a customer or prospect.
  • Keep up with current events to give you something to talk about other than yourself.
  • Understand you can’t build a business alone. Think of your network as your business partners who are helping to refer target customers to you.

What is a Referral Network?

A referral network is a group people that understand your business well enough to refer prospects to you. They know you offer X. They meet people who need X and refer them to you as the best provider of that product or service. A referral network is especially important for small or start-up businesses who haven’t established themselves in the marketplace yet. Bigger businesses can benefit from the potential for bigger profits and potential partners.

Establishing a referral network is key to attracting your target customer.

Here are our Top Networking Tips to attract your target customer:

DON’T stumble over your words when someone asks you about your business.

DO have an elevator speech prepared and preferably more than just one!

What’s an Elevator Speech?

An elevator speech is a short description about your business, how it helps solve a problem for customers, and who your target market is. It should be short enough (30-60 seconds) to give on an elevator ride.

DON’T say everyone is your target customer. I remember a skincare representative telling me her target customer was, “anyone with skin.” That’s just not the case. There are some people with whom you want to work and others you don’t. It doesn’t mean you can’t, it means you’ve given yourself permission to not work with some people.

DO clearly define your target or ideal customer. It can be specific to industry or even a specific list of people. More than likely, it’s a description you create based on your list of favorite and most profitable customers.

DON’T look like you don’t care.

DO look like you want to be at the event. Dress to impress. Polish or clean your shoes and wear appropriate business attire. And don’t forget to smile; a smile could be the difference between you landing the deal or not.

DON’T keep your target customer a secret. No one will know how to connect you to your ideal customers if they don’t know who you want to meet.

DO tell contacts who you want to meet whether it’s specific people or industries or a wider picture.

DON’T make the mistake, like so many of us have, that you can develop a referral network on your own. You can’t build a business alone.

DO find people who understand your business and refer customers to you. This is especially important when attending bigger events. Your network can work on your behalf to connect you to your target customer; and you can do the same for them.

DON’T shove business cards in people’s faces. This is a pet peeve of mine. People don’t get to know you by a card thrown at them. Good networking is really about socializing and asking people more about themselves than telling them about you or your business.

DO connect with people by asking what brought them to the event. For smaller events you may ask how they know the event organizer.

DON’T forget to follow up with people you meet at events. All too often we forget and we’re losing business as a result.

DO follow up especially when you have promised you would do so. You will set yourself apart from the majority of people when you contact someone post-event.

Networking to attract your target customer doesn’t have to be complicated especially when you understand who you’re looking to meet. Be sure to train your team to communicate in a similar manner when they are at events. You don’t want to miss opportunities to acquire a new customer.

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8th Annual B2B Expo, hosted by EXHIB-IT! & Diamond Sponsor Southwest Capital Bank

It’s not a secret that we love connecting you to your target customer by helping you create trade show displays that get your business noticed. The team at EXHIB-IT! helps customers brand their business marketing materials to set you apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on being a full-service marketing and exhibit resource for you.  Check out our upcoming June 9th event, New Mexico’s largest Business-to-Business Networking Event, the 8th Annual B2B Expo.

EXHIB-IT! Hosts 8th Annual B2B Expo with Premier Diamond Sponsor Southwest Capital Bank

EXHIB-IT!, B2B Expo NM, New Mexico, Albuquerque, Southwest Capital Bank

New Mexico’s largest Strategic Networking event & Business-to-Business Expo, debuts Roundtable Room & brings back the popular “Pay-it-Forward” Silent Auction, with all proceeds to benefit Keshet Dance Company, raising over $33,000 to date for Albuquerque Nonprofits.

The 8th annual EXHIB-IT! B2B Expo is scheduled for June 9, 2015 at the Expo NM, Manuel Lujan Building, from 5:00-8:00 PM. Registration is now open for Attendees at a 25% discounted rate through May 31, 2015, as well as businesses interested in registering as a Silent Auction sponsor or donor.

B2B Expo, Albuquerque, Trade Show, Southwest Capital Bank, EXHIB-IT!

B2B Expo Premier Diamond Sponsors – Southwest Capital Bank & EXHIB-IT!

This year the B2B Expo will feature over 80 Exhibitors made up of local businesses from across the state of New Mexico, representing over 35 different industries including:

Advertising/Public Relations, Business Associations, Food & Beverage, Healthcare Professionals, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing & Distributing, Media Production & Distribution, Newspaper, Magazine & Book Publishing, Non-profits, Foundations & Philanthropists, Printing & Publishing, Private Equity & Investment Firms, Professional Services, Real Estate, Recreation / Live Entertainment, Religious Organizations/Clergy, Residential Construction, Retail Sales, Technology, Internet & IT, Telecom Services & Equipment.

More than 650 show-goers attended last year’s B2B Expo, and EXHIB-IT! is expecting an even larger crowd in 2015, with 1,000 in attendance. This will be the second year that the event has been housed at the Expo NM Manual Lujan Building, a move that was made to support the B2B Expo’s growing popularity with exhibitors and attendees.

“If you want to strategically network and build synergy and collaborate with other businesses, professionals and elected officials in the community, you will not want to miss this event,” said DJ Heckes, EXHIB-IT! CEO. “The B2B Expo offers outstanding opportunities to do business and to support your local community at the same time. In addition to great business contacts, Silent Auction sponsors and donors from the business community have supported our contribution of more than $33,000 to local nonprofits.”

The popular “Pay-it-Forward” Silent Auction will be part of the B2B Expo for the 7th year.  All of the items for the silent auction are donated by local businesses looking to make a difference and positively impact the community through supporting nonprofits.  This year all of the proceeds will benefit Keshet Dance Company.  Silent Auction Donations are now being accepted.  Visit B2B Expo Silent Auction page to support Keshet Dance Company and submit your donation today.

B2B Expo, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Event, EXHIB-IT!, Southwest Capital

8th Annual B2B Expo, hosted by EXHIB-IT! & Diamond Sponsor Southwest Capital Bank

A constant main feature of the B2B Expo is the cutting edge technology integrated into and featured at the event.  The B2B Expo will feature an online LIVE Video Stream of the Event, courtesy of sponsor Streaming New Mexico, an interactive LIVE Social Media Stream & Photo Kiosks, a Text Message Scavenger Hunt, and much more. This year EXHIB-IT! partnered with 3D Proven Systems to present some innovative technological advancements already available to professionals in Albuquerque such as 3D scanning and printing, augmented reality applications, and virtual reality and how these modern marvels can advance your marketing, advertising and overall business model.

EXHIB-IT! is proud to announce the addition of their Roundtable Room at the 8th Annual B2B Expo.  The Business-to-Business expo is one of New Mexico’s largest networking events, aimed at empowering local businesses and encouraging economic growth and development through networking, technology and education.  With the addition of the Round Table Room, we hope to expand on the education aspect at the event, providing attendees and exhibitors with more tangible takeaways to empower their business with tools and resources to help them grow and stay competitive on a local and national level. There will be two 20 minute Roundtable sessions hosted by local business professionals and elected officials, including:

  • Steve Becerra, EA, The Becerra Group, will be presenting on “The Eyes have it – Which Taxing Authorities are watching you?”.
  • Bill Byce, ABQid, will be presenting on “Why the next Microsoft won’t leave Albuquerque.”
  • Wendy Ederer, DGBRC, will be presenting on “Learn what comprehensive resources and trainings the Dynamic Growth Business Resource Center provides.”
  • Sara Haring, JTIP (Job Training Incentive Program), will be presenting on “How to access funds for hiring additional employees for an existing business.”
  • Dennis Houston, AED, will be presenting on “State business incentives that you should know about.”
  • Larry Larranaga, NM State Representative & Chairman of Finance Committee will be presenting on “Legislative Wrap up from 2015 Session.”
  • Anna Mueller, Anna Muller, Nita Business Consultants, Inc., will be presenting on “Contracting with Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors.”
  • Gary Oppedahl, Director or Economic Development, with the City of Albuquerque, will be presenting on “How to be an Entrepreneur in Albuquerque.”
  • Jennifer Sinsabaugh, NM MEP, will be presenting on “Sparking Business Growth through Innovation.”
  • Lonny Talbert, Chief Operating Officer & Bernalillo County Commissioner, from Southwest Capital Bank will be presenting on “How to Obtain Financial Capital for your Business.”
  • Bob Walton, AED, will be presenting on “Albuquerque Economic Development partners that provide services that impact your bottom line.”

Save 25% on your RSVP to the B2B Expo, when you register on or before May 31, 2015.

Prospective silent auction sponsors may get more information and register at: Silent Auction Info & Registration.

For a Floor Plan and a complete list of 2015 B2B Expo: Exhibitor Info.

B2B Expo, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Event, Trade Show

8th Annual B2B Expo Event Details & Sponsors

About EXHIB-IT! 
EXHIB-IT! is a design and display company with over 23 years’ experience in specializing in high quality trade show displays and trade show management services. Industry thought leader and EXHIB-IT! CEO, DJ Heckes has prioritized customer education as a core company value by publishing hundreds of helpful blog posts, online newsletters, white papers on tradeshow related topics and her first book Full BRAIN Marketing. http://www.exhib-it.com.

Travel Tips for Event Planners

Are you prepared for travel changes to your next event?

Corporate event planners will be among the first to say that the best laid plans can go awry. From venue changes and vendor requests to airline and weather changes, it is often more overwhelming on event days than pre or post-event. Pre-event planning can help alleviate some of the stress of your trip.

travel tips, event planners, what to pack, how to pack, trade show, marketing

Travel Tips for Event Planners

Here are a few tips:

  • Charge and pack mobile devices and batteries.
  • Check clothes for smudges and stains.
  • Polish or clean your shoes.
  • Print and review the itinerary.
  • Learn how to fold clothes for the least wrinkles upon arrival.
  • Register for loyalty programs of airlines and hotels to maximize the benefits.

What to Pack

The overriding tip for what to pack is to think about a variety of scenarios. What if the Wi-Fi isn’t as good as promised? What if your presentation isn’t available electronically? In addition to technical difficulties, pack for the different events happening over the course of the trade show or expo. Is there a formal event? Will you be doing walking or a lot of sitting in cold conference rooms? This will help you know what to pack to wear.

Here are the most common items for event planners to pack:

  • Walking shoes and/or dress shoes that are comfortable to wear all day.
  • Appropriate business and party attire per the itinerary. And then bring an extra. You don’t want to take out your favorite dress or dress shirt and have a stain on it and have nothing else to wear. We’re not saying you’re messy; we’re saying sometimes things don’t go as planned. We want you to have a plan b even if it’s just a pair of socks or a clean shirt.
  • Chargers for mobile devices including cell phone, tablet, and laptop
  • Presentation materials if you’re an emcee or presenter. Bring the electronic and paper versions in case of technical challenges at the event.
  • Business cards. I can’t tell you the number of times I have almost forgotten to bring business cards to an event. Don’t be left without them! You want people to be able to reach you post-event.
  • Update apps on your mobile devices so you can check flight status, confirm travel plans, and make changes as needed.
  • Giveaways and trade show display for your business.
  • Event itinerary and map of trade show floor. Don’t count on someone else to know this or bring this information or rely on Wi-Fi especially if you’re at a new venue.

Whether you’re shipping or packing the trade show display, confirm where you are setting up at the event before you get to the venue. As an event planner, you also want to be sure vendors know where they need to pick up and set up pre and post show. It will cut down on the chaos at the venue if people know where they need to go.

Mobile Devices

Charge mobile devices before you depart and have extra batteries in your carry-on bag. More than likely there isn’t going to be an available charging station at every airport especially if you aren’t the only one stranded. In the event of weather related delays, you will want to have your mobile device – cell phone or tablet – readily available to reschedule flights or find alternative transportation.

No one likes to be left out especially if you’re the event organizer. Stay in contact with your team for any event-specific changes as you’re traveling to the event location. There’s nothing worse than being the event planner who doesn’t have the full picture about their event when they arrive at the location.

In the event that you just can’t make it or will be late, you can reach your team and anyone you may have meetings with to let them know and to reschedule.

Opportunities to Connect

Business travelers often say they feel alone or disconnected from family and friends while they are away from home. Add a couple days onto your trip and connect with people you may not be able to see on a regular basis. There’s a lot to be said about the benefit of face-to-face meetings even in today’s digital age.

Make your next trip feel more like home when you take connect with friends and family in the event city. Go see a friend’s new baby or house in real life instead of on social media. You can also use this as an opportunity to connect with business contacts. Schedule appointments with key players or prospects while you’re both in the same city.

You might be tired after your event but the time spent connecting will prove to be refreshing. At EXHIB-IT! we love connecting businesses to their target market through trade shows and expos. We look forward to working with you. Be sure to contact us or check out our online catalogs for more info.

15 Trade Show & Event Planning Resources

If you’re a professional event planner or trade show organizer, you know there is a sea of information available from a variety of sources. From professional associations and industry news to event planning blogs, it’s hard to know which websites are the most reliable sources.

Trade Show, Event Planning, Marketing Blog

15 Trade Show and Event Planning Resources

Keep in mind you don’t have to attend or exhibit at every industry event. You don’t have time to read every event planner blog. And you don’t need to know ALL of the industry trends, just the ones that matter to your business.

Before you dive into our list of resources:

  1. Identify your industry
  2. Define your target market
  3. Define event goals

Once you’ve narrowed your focus with 1-3, you can begin researching the best places to exhibit and market your business.

15 Tradeshow & Event Planning Resources

  1. Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) is the premier source for tradeshow industry research and trends. For more than 30 years they have been promoting the importance of tradeshows to building a business and have the research to prove it. A go-to source for anyone in or near the exhibition industry.
  2. Exhibitor Magazine provides tips for best practices in the industry including thousands of articles. Topics include planning and executing, marketing and promotion, events and venues, and career tips for event professionals.
  3. Exhibit and Event Marketers Association is a community of marketers providing education and training, and advocates for best practices at events and tradeshows. As an association member, you can receive a Certified Manager of Exhibits designation for those with industry-recognized and demonstrated expertise in all areas of exhibit and event management.
  4. Velvet Chainsaw by Jeff Hurt is an amazingly information packed site tracking the latest trends to help you improve your annual meetings, conferences, and education by an industry leader. The downside? If you’re looking for an easy-to-navigate site, you might consider looking elsewhere. The amount of information, and categories and tags is a bit overwhelming.
  5. Trade Show News Network From the Top Trade Shows list to the Tech Guide, this website provides the latest news and insider information.
  6. Trade Show Expo is THE hub for trade show managers, meeting planners, and exhibit builders who conduct face-to-face business in Las Vegas. If your trade show is in Vegas or you’re thinking about Las Vegas as a meeting destination, you need this resource.
  7. Exhibit City News offers a variety of industry related news. Most notably is their coverage of green and eco-friendly trends.
  8. Events in America is where you can find tradeshows, events, expos, and conventions across the country. It’s not just a database. Users can share events with colleagues, save them for future reference, build local and regional event calendars and more.
  9. Trade Show Advisor is great for event planning professionals seeking ways to grow your trade show success, making the most out of your trade show investment. Identify the best trade show displays and how to maximize efforts at your next event using the resources offered on this site.
  10. Social Media for Planners is perfect if you’re seeking new or innovative ways to reach your audience using social media. You know you need to be sharing on social media, but do you know how much is too much? Don’t scare your audience away with sales-y posts; check out this site and get some insight from the professionals before your next event.
  11. Bizbash is THE place to go for trendy ideas for your next event. Get creative ideas and see what the leading event professionals are doing to create memorable events for their clients.
  12. Event Manager Blog: This blog offer useful tips (making your event more eco-friendly, how to use social media to promote events) and information for event planners, they also post a month-end best-of post.
  13. Event Planning Blueprint: This blog truly does what it says – provides a blueprint for planning events. From posts about themed events to building your event planning business, new and seasoned planners will find this information useful.
  14. Eventjuice is a hip, clean site offering a youthful approach to event planning with tips for new and seasoned event planners alike. Recent posts include who to follow on Twitter, interview questions for event planners, and expert interviews.
  15. EXHIB-IT! Blog, well we can’t forget the resources we offer here! It is our mission to help tradeshow professionals get the most out of your event investment. For those of you in New Mexico, check out our Local Event Calendar.

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