5 Amazing Tips for Controlling Trade Show Display Costs

Controlling trade show display costs is an important factor when considering being a vendor at trade shows. Understanding your target audience and budget are key to creating a display to showcase your brand and attract the customers you desire.

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5 Amazing tips for controlling trade show display costs.

Here are 5 tips for controlling trade show display costs:

  1. Define Your Target Audience: Before you can begin to plan trade show displays, you need to define your target market. You want to be attending trade shows where your target market is and create a display that will attract this audience. If your target is Business to Business (B2B) techies and your display is filled with print marketing for Business to Consumer (B2C), you’re not going to get the results you desire.
  2. Plan Ahead: As with any business decision, planning ahead is going to save you money. Working with a design team such as the experts at EXHIB-IT!, you can design and build a trade show display that helps attract the clients you desire at a cost you can afford. If you’re working on a tight deadline without a plan, it’s going to cost you more.
  3. Consider the Options: Lightweight portable trade show displays are a great option if you’re new to trade shows, attend less than five shows per year, attend smaller events, or are seeking cost effective ways to brand your business. They are easy to set-up, pack, move and ship.
  4. Upgrade the Current Display: Rather than building a new trade show display, consider making changes to the current one. Adding lighting or a mobile display, for example, can highlight your business and attract new visitors to your booth.
  5. Used or New Display Options: In our blog post Should You Rent or Buy a Used Trade Show Display, we look at ways to save money while giving your display a new look and feel. The cost of purchasing a used display is 50-80% less than a new display, making it more affordable for many businesses.

For more information about controlling trade show costs, check out our Free Tradeshow Training Videos based on my book The NOISE Behind Business – How to Make Tradeshows Work!

How to Use High-tech Trade Show Displays

red trade show exhibit
Make your next trade show about more than generating leads. Create an interactive experience for attendees while increasing brand visibility when you have a high-tech trade show display. Today’s technology has allowed us to bring trade show displays to life, making it easier than ever to educate attendees about your brand.

trade show exhibit

It’s challenging to make your technology company stand out in a sea of other tech-based companies. At EXHIB-IT!, we help our technology clients answer the question of how to distinguish their trade show display from the competition.

  • Keep the display simple in design and message.
  • Plan ahead, designing or re-designing the trade show displays.
  • Provide interactive media, showing attendees how you can help them.

High-tech Trade show displays can be created or integrated into existing design.

nfl trade show exhibit

Make your booth exciting and a must-see at your next event. Search our Idea Gallery and add an iPad kiosk to your trade show booth so attendees can interact with your product or check-in on social media sites such Facebook. Have attendees send a tweet using your company name and a hashtag that you’ve designated for the event. Once they send the tweet, give them a promotional item.

iPad kiosk exhibit, trade show marketing

iPad kiosk exhibit

Have a clear message.

You never want your trade show display to leave people wondering what your company does or how you can help them. Keep the message of the booth clear. Consider providing information about a limited number of products while making sure the people at your booth are well-educated about all aspects of the business.

purple trade show exhibit

Combine motion and still images for the greatest impact.

Remember that motion captures the eye faster than stand-alone graphics. Utilize display monitors to tell your story. Whether it’s a promotional video about a product or service or a fun video from your team back at the corporate office, it’s a great way to attract people to your booth.

Combine in-motion video with additional monitors displaying the company logo to increase brand visibility. Attendees who recognize your brand will be more likely to stop and visit if they can easily see who and where you are.

Be flexible.

There are times when you need the flexibility of a display that can be moved around your event space. Mobile kiosks are a great option for events or locations such as museums and schools.

light blue trade show exhibit

Engaging trade show attendees is increasingly challenging. Displaying a clear message, incorporating interactive media, and a variety of images will help your brand stand out among the competition. For more information about these and other EXHIB-IT! products, contact our team today!

3 Reasons to Use Technology in Trade Show Displays in 2015

Are you seeking ways to get your brand recognized?

Two Silver iPad Kiosks, exhibitor trade show marketing

iPad Kiosks

Are you looking for ways to attract younger trade show attendees to your booth?

Are you seeking ways to go green at trade shows?

Consider using technology in trade show displays to set your business apart, increase brand recognition, and decrease the carbon footprint of your business.

Rethink the way you not only interact with attendees, but also about your trade show displays. Younger attendees are seeking to experience your product. One of the most effective ways to enhance their experience is to create an interactive experience using technology, such as an iPad, in your trade show display.

iPad kiosk exhibit, trade show marketing

iPad kiosk exhibit

Here are 3 reasons to use technology in trade show displays:

  1. Re-design to Attract a New Audience: Thinking of a new design for your business trade show booth? Consider adding an iPad kiosk. It saves space and weight compared to traditional marketing materials, saving on shipping expenses. iPads and other technology also help attract visitors to your booth, increasing brand recognition, separating you from the competition.
  2. Benefit of Going Green: In addition to attracting visitors, technology helps you tell the story of how your product or service can help attendees while saving resources. It’s a lot less expensive to purchase an iPad and change the presentation for a trade show than to design and print, re-design and reprint marketing materials as your business changes. And you’re decreasing the carbon footprint your company is leaving. It’s a win-win.
  3. On-Site Customer Care: Engaging customers and answering questions is made simpler when your team can help them right from the trade show floor. An iPad kiosk will set your business apart. No longer do attendees have to wait for your sales team to show them your product.
Custom Sprint iPad Kiosk, Trade Show exhibit

Custom Sprint iPad Kiosk

Technology is ever increasing as a tool to increase brand awareness, attract attendees, provide on-site customer care, and decrease the carbon footprint of businesses at trade shows. Contact the team at EXHIB-IT! to learn more about iPad kiosks and other trade show displays and accessories to help your brand get recognized.

Emerging Exhibiting Industry Trade Show Trends for 2015

The Trade Show News Network reported that more than 110 C-level trade show organizers and suppliers gathered at a September 2014 Center for Exhibition Industry Research Predict Conference regarding how the overall U.S. economy is faring right now and into the future.

Tradeshows and events are becoming a more valuable channel where brands can connect more intimately with consumers in a face-to-face setting.  Even though people may talk online, they will close business in person.  I am feeling very optimistic also about the trade show industry growth for the next two years after reading the CEIR Report dated September 12, 2014 for Positive Growth into 2015-2016: (Source: CEIR Predict Conference: Trade Show Industry on Track for Positive Growth into 2015-2016).

According to Ryan Sweet, Senior Economic for Moody’s Analytics, he says “We are going to see a noticeable acceleration of the U.S. economy, and it’s been a modest positive gain and 2015 is predicted to see a 4 percent increase in GDP.

It is interesting that the most growth worldwide is predicted to still be in Asia, which is predicted to see a 5 percent increase for the next two years.  There is much optimism for the U.S. Economy to rise and when that happens, it causes a domino effect in other global places.  The main concern is Europe and if they fall back into a recession, it will affect us.

Brian Casey, President and CEO of the Center for Exhibition and Industry Research predicts that the next few years look better than recent years. Attendance has been on track for tradeshow growth and is predicted to grow faster in future years, which is a very good sign.  For a more detailed future outlook visit: Center for Exhibition Industry Research Index Report: 2Q Shows 1 Percent Overall Trade Show Industry Growth.

Now that we are seeing the importance of face-to-face interaction at tradeshows, here are a few tips to get ready for your next tradeshow or event.

Time tables are getting shorter.
Realizing the clock is ticking to get ready for the 2015 winter tradeshow season, EXHIB-IT! makes it a goal to work alongside with our customers for co-creation where we offer tradeshow solutions and services collaboratively with our customers to produce a better product in a more streamlined time frame. By revealing the exhibit design process, EXHIB-IT!  and exhibitors are able to work in a parallel path toward a unified solution which is a win-win for our customers. This allows us to become greater experts in our customer’s market – to bring more intellectual capital into the booth design creation.

Trade Show Tip from DJ Heckes, CEO:
Divide your Team into Hunters and Farmers.

This is a great exhibiting game and keeps the competition between the booth staffers nice and lively.  It also maximizes your trade show booth traffic. Divide your staff into two teams – it does not have to be an even split. One team are hunters and they look for qualified marketing leads (QMLs) and new data contacts.  The other team are famers and they look after meetings, sit downs, product demonstrations and help with existing customers.

RECAP: Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Biz Gratis, Jingle Mingle, Hosted by EXHIB-IT!

AHCC Jingle Mingle, Hosted by EXHIB-IT!

AHCC Jingle Mingle, Hosted by EXHIB-IT!

EXHIB-IT! hosted another successful year end Jingle Mingle event for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Annual Holiday Biz Gratis on Wednesday December 17th.  The event was catered by City Treats Parties, a local catering company, famous for their hors d’oeuvres and Village Inn provided lots of 4” mini pies, along with our Beer, Soda and Wine Sponsor Real Time Solutions. As a Third Year Board of Director for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, I can truly share with you that they are “More than a Chamber – They should be YOUR Chamber!”

AHCC Jingle Mingle, Hosted by EXHIB-IT!

AHCC Jingle Mingle, Hosted by EXHIB-IT!

This event is one of the largest holiday events you will see in Albuquerque due to EXHIB-IT!’s reputation for hosting this annual holiday event and the June B2B EXHIB-IT! Event each year.   I love to put on these two events as they are strategic for people to network, build alliance partnerships and not just pass out business cards.  We had Gary Oppedahl, Director of Economic Development and Commissioner Wayne Johnson of Bernalillo County were present.  Both these men networked with other local business owners and managers to show their support for growing our local economy.

EXHIB-IT! Jingle Mingle, with Gary Oppedahl, Wayne Johnson and DJ Heckes

EXHIB-IT! CEO DJ Heckes at Jingle Mingle with Gary Oppedahl, Director of Economic Development, and Commissioner Wayne Johnson of Bernalillo County.

The event also celebrated the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce’s recipient of the award from the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for being the Largest Chamber of the Year 2014-2015.  Patrick Baldonado was the Master of Ceremonies from Sunrise Bank of Albuquerque with representative Ranee Tafoya of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce. You could feel the holiday cheer in the crowd of over 350 attendees at our EXHIB-IT! Showroom.  We had a photo booth sponsored by Photobooth Rentals of NM to create lasting photo memories from the event.

EXHIB-IT! CEO DJ Heckes at Jingle Mingle with Patrick Baldonado, from Sunrise Bank of Albuquerque, and Ranee Tafoya of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

EXHIB-IT! CEO DJ Heckes at Jingle Mingle with Patrick Baldonado, from Sunrise Bank of Albuquerque, and Ranee Tafoya of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Holiday cheer was the best I have seen with the economy growing and the stock market rising.  You can feel the connections made by those serious networkers at the event.  Two of our local strategic partners were present at the event – John Reimann with FastPark & Relax, where you can park your car in a covered parking area with no walking, waiting or worries while you travel and Steve Schroeder with Real Time Solutions, a website design and development company that blends high-end design with RTS’ robust and flexible CMS, real content.

Building alliance partnerships has been what has kept EXHIB-IT! strong over the past 14 years.  Partnering with like-minded companies is what can grow your business through referrals, building relationships and helping other businesses grow.  Being successful is not just about the revenue growth, as it is much more.  It is about building a company for sustainability, after the growth!
From EXHIB-IT!, we sincerely wish you a prosperous & memorable 2015 year!

EXHIb-IT! Team at AHCC Biz Gratis Jingle Mingle

EXHIb-IT! Team at AHCC Biz Gratis Jingle Mingle

For more information regarding our 8th Annual B2B Expo, taking place June 9th at Expo NM, read the official B2B Expo Press Release.

EXHIB-IT! B2B Expo Networking Event Invitation and Header, Albuquerque Netwoeking Event June 9, 2015

EXHIB-IT! 8th Annual B2B Expo – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Trade Show Preparation Tips

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Trade Show Preparation Tips

As a professional event planner, it is important to prepare for your next trade show well in advance. Begin by setting goals so you can measure the success of your trade show experience, marketing the event, and building a team that can help your business reach success. It is important your clients and prospects know where they can meet you and experience your product or service, especially if you’re rolling out a new product or service.

Give visitors a reason to find you and ultimately, do business with you over the competition.

It’s not just about the trade show booth. You can attract or detract visitors based on appearance only. Attract booth visitors by looking good including how your booth workers look AND the appearance of your trade show display. The last thing you want to do is send a prospect to your competitor’s booth!

When you consider trade show booth design, be sure you’re capturing leads. Most importantly, don’t forget to follow up with leads after the event. Consider a post-event marketing strategy to keep people interested in your business.

Make an unforgettable first impression!

Set Measurable Goals

From the number of meetings you want to set at your trade show booth to how many leads you want to get at the event, it is important to set measurable goals. Without goals you will not understand how much success you have achieved. Whether you’re planning the trade show or exhibiting your business, it is important to understand why you’re at the event and what needs to be accomplished.

Assemble the Right Team

Think about who you want helping you at the event and what role they will have. The quiet marketing assistant might be a better fit for sending live social media posts behind a laptop while the outgoing assistant might be better suited to meet and greet booth visitors. As the event leader, you will be better able to manage people and results when you have roles clearly defined.

Dress to Impress

No matter the industry, it is important to dress to impress. Communicate this to your team also. While you might not be in business suits, it’s important to look professional. You might, for example, each wear the same nametag and business casual attire or you may wear the same color pants and logo wear. Whatever it is, be sure it will impress trade show attendees. You don’t want visitors to pass by your booth because of your appearance. Make your team and your booth look the best!

Build a Memorable Trade Show Display

Along the same lines as dressing to impress, your trade show booth must reflect the business brand. Proudly display the company logo and products you want visitors to notice. Consider a Fabric Display with lighting to display your business. Easy to assemble, these trade show displays are perfect for a variety of events and businesses. The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you find the perfect display for your next event!

Marketing Pre-Event & At-Event

Don’t wait until the day or week of your trade show to start talking about it. Utilize social media, newsletters, webinars, and other communication with clients and prospects to tell them where they can meet you. Post from the event with photos of your booth and the team you have helping you. People LOVE to see what you’re doing; it gives your business a personal touch and sets it apart from others.

Schedule Meetings

Rather than waiting for your clients and prospects to schedule meetings with you at the trade show, contact them in advance and schedule a meeting. This is especially important if you’re away from your office and closer to an out-of-state client. They will appreciate your effort to meet them face-to-face while you’re in their hometown.

Capture Leads

There’s no point in attending trade shows and other events if you don’t have a way to capture leads. Collect contact information from booth visitors in a creative way. Have them enter their email address or business card for the chance to win a prize. Take it one step further. Utilize technology such as an iPad, provide a sneak preview of your latest product when visitors enter their contact information. Now that you’ve captured their contact information, what do you do next?

Follow-Up with Leads

After you capture leads at trade shows and networking events, it is important to follow up. The most common way is to send an email or newsletter thanking them for visiting your booth. Link the newsletter to resources in your website or blog. Give them a reason to pick up the phone and call you or respond to the email.

Don’t Forget the Specific Needs of Your Target Audience

At the end of the day, a great trade show marketing strategy will integrate a mixture of tools to deliver product information to attendees. Do some research to find out how your target market prefers to receive your product information.

Sure, the need for printed materials has decreased, but it still has a place at trade show booths for some attendees. So don’t look to ditch printed materials any time soon. Instead, work toward enhancing print with the new technology channels available today.

The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you create the perfect trade show display solution for your unique business. Contact us today to learn more.

Should you rent or buy a used trade show display?

Used & Like New Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, and Accessories

Used & Like New Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, and Accessories

As you’re looking at your 2015 marketing budget, you might be wondering which trade show display option is best for your business. The options are virtually endless in terms of the displays and equipment that is available but your budget isn’t. As the economy continues to improve, so do the costs of trade shows. At EXHIB-IT! we work with our customers to be sure you’re getting the trade show display that best suits your needs and your marketing budget.

Here are some considerations when deciding if you should rent or buy a used trade show display:

  • Cost of renting vs. purchasing a used display
  • Flexibility of renting a display vs. being locked into one used display
  • Frequency of attendance at trade shows
  • Type of trade shows and booth specifications

Let’s face it, no one wants to have the worst display at the trade show. If you’re looking for an affordable option, consider either renting or purchasing a used display.

Why Renting a Trade Show Display is a Good Option

Renting trade show displays is the most affordable option especially if you don’t often attend trade shows, want to incur the hassle of shipping, or have a tight budget. Our ready-to-go packages include options with flooring, lighting, accessories, pop up frames and graphics. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful displays without the hassle or cost.  Be sure to also check out our vast collection of Nomadic Trade Show Rentals.

Why Used Trade Show Displays are a Good Option

Another option is to purchase a used trade show display. As much as 50-80% off the price of a new display, used displays help you establish your brand at trade shows without incurring the cost. Our team takes displays and refurbishes them to like-new condition. Enjoy the benefits of new display without the cost.

Whether you’re looking to replace an older display or create a presence for your business at trade shows, renting or purchasing a used trade show display are both affordable and innovative options. Contact the team at EXHIB-IT! for additional information about these all of our trade show displays.