Should you rent or buy a used trade show display?

Used & Like New Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, and Accessories

Used & Like New Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, and Accessories

As you’re looking at your 2014 marketing budget, you might be wondering which trade show display option is best for your business. The options are virtually endless in terms of the displays and equipment that is available but your budget isn’t. As the economy continues to improve, so do the costs of trade shows. At EXHIB-IT! we work with our customers to be sure you’re getting the trade show display that best suits your needs and your marketing budget.

Here are some considerations when deciding if you should rent or buy a used trade show display:

  • Cost of renting vs. purchasing a used display
  • Flexibility of renting a display vs. being locked into one used display
  • Frequency of attendance at trade shows
  • Type of trade shows and booth specifications

Let’s face it, no one wants to have the worst display at the trade show. If you’re looking for an affordable option, consider either renting or purchasing a used display.

Why Renting a Trade Show Display is a Good Option

Renting trade show displays is the most affordable option especially if you don’t often attend trade shows, want to incur the hassle of shipping, or have a tight budget. Our ready-to-go packages include options with flooring, lighting, accessories, pop up frames and graphics. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful displays without the hassle or cost.  Be sure to also check out our vast collection of Nomadic Trade Show Rentals.

Why Used Trade Show Displays are a Good Option

Another option is to purchase a used trade show display. As much as 50-80% off the price of a new display, used displays help you establish your brand at trade shows without incurring the cost. Our team takes displays and refurbishes them to like-new condition. Enjoy the benefits of new display without the cost.

Whether you’re looking to replace an older display or create a presence for your business at trade shows, renting or purchasing a used trade show display are both affordable and innovative options. Contact the team at EXHIB-IT! for additional information about these all of our trade show displays.


5 Simple Ways to Market at Trade Shows

Don’t over think your next trade show. It’s about getting your brand visible to more people. It’s about teaching booth visitors how your product or service can help them. Trade shows are about building business relationships with customers and prospects. You want to see and be seen. Here are five simple ways to market at trade shows:

  1. Invest in Branding – As a vendor, you have the opportunity to showcase your business. Make sure you stand out against the competition by investing in displays that get your business seen. Used trade show displays are becoming a popular and affordable way to brand your business without breaking the branding
  2. Step out of the Booth – One of the best ways to market at trade shows is to not only have a great booth presence with clear branding, but to also leave the booth and network with other vendors and attendees. However, be sure to leave another staff member inside the Booth for attendees to visit with. Building in-person business relationships goes a long way to attracting, engaging, and retaining show booth phonebooth
  3. Provide an Interactive Experience to Booth Visitors – Technology, such as smartphones and tablets, allows you to provide experience opportunities for your booth visitors. Not only can they experience your product or service in real time online at your booth, they can follow you on social media from their smartphones. Provide opportunities that are technology based to reach more people faster at your next trade trade show exhibit
  4. Meet with Customers and Prospects Right at Your Trade Show Booth – Along with providing an opportunity for visitors to interact with your product online from your booth, provide space for meeting with customers and prospects. Whether it’s a table and chairs or a Nomadic Modular Display, you can begin building business relationships. There’s no longer a need to follow up later when you can meet at your trade show trade show event
  5. Sport the Swag Give-a-ways: While the trend is moving toward technology, you can never overlook the power of a free give-a-way at a trade show. Choose greener options such as plastics made from recycled materials and eco-friendly ink for printing on common giveaway items such as pens, paper, and swag show branded totemarketing branding notebookmarketing-image-branding-pens

At EXHIB-IT!, we provide a variety of display booths and graphics to help you market at trade shows. From Double Deck Truss and Used Displays to lighting, literature display stands, and Video and/or LED  Name Badges. We want your next trade show to be a success. Contact our trade show team of experts for more information.